Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's been a little while, and I've never posted any of my work. I decided to do that today. This endeavor started when I cracked a magazine for a DIY lesson in Illustrator. The first image is my version of camouflage, which is what the magazine's tutorial was explaining. With much thanks to these kinds of tutorials, I am self-taught with Adobe's pen tool.

Next came my own 'camo,' which evolved into simpler patterns using vector images I created. Tracing web images helped immensely with learning the pen tool, and I can't recommend it enough.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jay-Z is awesome.

First of all, the new Jay-Z album, The Blueprint 3, is awesome. Way better than 2. In fact, it's 3x better.

Jay-Z for Rhapsody

My man Alex sent me this amazing commercial for Rhapsody music, in which Jay-Z recreates each of his album covers (minus the Greatest Hits and MTV Unplugged) in 60 seconds.

Compare Jay-Z's discography with the attached commercial. Alex pointed out that Blueprint 3 is the first studio album that hasn't had Jay-Z's face on the cover. Enjoy this beast of a video:

And now!
The Blueprint 3's cover (Higest-resolution on the net - you're welcome.):

There's tons of information online about this album cover:

-Jay-Z explains the symbolism.
-Interview with artist, Dan Tobin Smith.
-Fast-forward vid of production.

Jay-Z and his lady were at the free Grizzly Bear / Beach House / Vega concert, the last Brooklyn Pool Party of the summer. I was there (shout-out to Lauren K.) and I took photos for The Music Slut, who was responsible for Lauren's and my V.I.P. status at the show. I'm quite proud to be a part of one of the few reports that focused on the music, and not the celebrity guests in the crowd. Beach House was my personal highlight of the show.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Found: "E"

Found this with a Junkyard Companion today. I was searching the entire day for letters, and found only one. It's about 1/4 the size of my hand, and I'm pretty sure it's some kind of steel. I used a wire wheel brush to shine it up in about 5 minutes.

Does anyone happen to recognize this E? Maybe it's a long shot, but it surely was not alone on a product. I looked pretty hard to try and find its buddies, but with no further luck.
The rounded edges reminds me of Volvo's font. (By the way, does anyone have a font name from the old Volvo ads? This one.)

Oh, and here's an extra hint at how this may have been mounted.. It looks like a small nail hole or something.. It's got some dirt in it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why so serious?

Why the F#@& is this Madea Goes to Jail poster so serious? I guess Madea is a "jail bird" if she's going to jail, but this looks more like a Seal project than a comedy starring a huge man dressed as an old lady. The other posters are far more appropriate.

The "Why so serious?" line is from the Dark Knight Batman movie, if anyone was racking their brain to remember. Here's my favorite poster from the Dark Knight promotions. The joker in that movie (Heath Ledger's last & arguably best role) always leaves a Joker card at the scene of his crimes. At one point he even says, "Here's my card..." Check out The Dark Knight if you haven't seen that movie.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introduction of the iMac

Steve Jobs ca. 1998, wearing a goofy button down collar with no tie, yet buttoned to the neck. His pitch for the iMac is wonderfully written, Highlighting all the best aspects of the computer. This is apparently the first Apple product to use the now-iconic, oft-copied "i" prefix. Here's some of what Jobs suggests this "i" stands for/represents:

i = internet

got this via Catfish Vegas.

The intro (the following year) of the iBook. I notice that he likes the Punnett square tables (he calls it a matrix).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama article, and Design for Obama entry: "You had me at Gotham"

I try not to blog about things I find on other blogs, but I love this poster addressing Obama's "brand:"

The text, "You had me at Gotham" is a wonderfully clever line to express not only strong support of Obama, but also of all the designs (specifically font choice) that went into the campaign.

The article is on Stumper, some sort of blog on Newsweek's website,
and the poster can be found (in downloadable, PDF format) at the Design for Obama website.

via The Soul Creative.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ford Fusion on TV, Apple invades Pitchfork

Ford is coming out with a Hybrid version of its Fusion sedan for 2010. "We Speak Car" is the ad campaign's theme, emphasizing that Ford knows more than just trucks or vans. They've released 3 commercials (of which I'm aware), and they all have some great animated type swirling around. I know nothing about digital animation like this, but I enjoy the commercials:

and this one is my favorite, typographically:

I especially love when the car slides through the letters near the end of that last ad.

It reminds me of the Apple ads on Pitchfork -- I've been meaning to blog about that anyway. (I must have watched it at least a dozen times.) I loved that the ad interacted with the website!
This was on Pitchfork's home page to accompany the redesigned Pitchfork website. (The exact same animation was on ESPN.com.):

There was apparently one of these on Yahoo Games as well, but really -- who uses Yahoo anymore?


This was by far my favorite Super Bowl XLIII Commercial, advertising Jay Leno's new show: