Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9.9.99 video music awards

I remember, 9 years ago this September, watching the annual MTV Video Music Awards.  I was 12, and kind of not allowed to watch MTV.  I remember being struck by the 9|9|99 logo, finding it impressively cool.  I actually remember thinking about how chic the logo was; little did I know I'd go on to pursue graphic design.

I've looked really hard, and haven't found the logo anywhere online.  It's in the background of some pictures (people who don't remember the logo, may remember Lil' Kim's breast, which Diana Ross jiggled on stage). You can kind of see the original logo in the "Lil' Kim's breast," link, behind Lil' Kim on the red carpet.

Aaaannyyway.. After much searching with almost no luck, I've recreated the logo here.  I used Helvetica Neue UltraLight for the numbers and Helvetica Neue Bold for the VMA wording.  I think the bold wording actually filled the 9s a little more on MTV, but I'm over it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look at you! Achoo!

"Everyone Nose," the new N*E*R*D single that wasn't on the Zune commercial. It was all over the blogosphere, with multiple remixes available.

The website, at is [was] an awesome piece of work. It [was] basically an interactive music video with 64 squares of images from Last Night's Party that only move when you push your mouse over them.

It's great, because you can sort of choose your own music video visuals, and a lot of the images seem to work with almost any part of the song. Some of the squares have video clips that play, others have a handful of still photos that change when you drag your mouse from left to right on the square. Then as if scandal has occurred, the images are slowly "Removed by request," presumably of the drunk naked girls pictured.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Out Chicago likes my ideas

I responded to the Time Out: Chicago survey the other week, regarding the Olympics coming to the Second City in '16. They always quote one of the respondents from the winning side of the argument.. I'll let my scan speak for itself:

(from the July 3-9 2008 issue):

Over on the left:


Monday, July 7, 2008

Barack <3s Gotham

GQ's May 2008 issue had a blurb about Barack Obama's campaign font, Gotham, which was created for Gentlemen's Quarterly.  

You can read the whole thing here, but what I thought was most interesting was the signs from Barack rallies.  They don't just have his name.  Hell, he's the only black presidential candidate - we know who he is.  Anyway, I thought it was a great conceptual thought.  All the people at these rallies hold up the provided signs, and media takes pictures and videos.  This brands his face with more than his name, but what he aims to achieve.  

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Le Burrito

A new poster caught my eye at chipotle today.  

..excuse me, hold on - i'm still eating.

The sign was a circle that read, "EN FRANCAIS: "LE BURRITO""

Kind of funny,, since "burrito" is Spanish.  Then I realized that the circle had thin spokes.  A bike wheel -- Nice.
Here's the sticker they gave me at the cash register. It's pretty similar to the design on the poster.
On the poster, the blue and orange diamonds had dotted lines cutting through them, argyle-style.  I imagine they were omitted from the sticker for production purposes.. either the print resolution wouldn't support a detail that small, or maybe it was just subtracting from the look at that size.

edit: I forgot to explain the premise of this promotion. During the 2008 Tour de France (July 5-27) Chipotle is offering a set order, which is apparently what the Chipotle Tour de France team gets.

They say you can request "Le Burrito," and they'll make it to specs, but when I tried to ask for it, the woman didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

Le Burrito:
Black Beans
Tomato (mild) salsa
and guacamole (that's extra).

Thanks for reading my blog.