Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9.9.99 video music awards

I remember, 9 years ago this September, watching the annual MTV Video Music Awards.  I was 12, and kind of not allowed to watch MTV.  I remember being struck by the 9|9|99 logo, finding it impressively cool.  I actually remember thinking about how chic the logo was; little did I know I'd go on to pursue graphic design.

I've looked really hard, and haven't found the logo anywhere online.  It's in the background of some pictures (people who don't remember the logo, may remember Lil' Kim's breast, which Diana Ross jiggled on stage). You can kind of see the original logo in the "Lil' Kim's breast," link, behind Lil' Kim on the red carpet.

Aaaannyyway.. After much searching with almost no luck, I've recreated the logo here.  I used Helvetica Neue UltraLight for the numbers and Helvetica Neue Bold for the VMA wording.  I think the bold wording actually filled the 9s a little more on MTV, but I'm over it.

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