Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look at you! Achoo!

"Everyone Nose," the new N*E*R*D single that wasn't on the Zune commercial. It was all over the blogosphere, with multiple remixes available.

The website, at is [was] an awesome piece of work. It [was] basically an interactive music video with 64 squares of images from Last Night's Party that only move when you push your mouse over them.

It's great, because you can sort of choose your own music video visuals, and a lot of the images seem to work with almost any part of the song. Some of the squares have video clips that play, others have a handful of still photos that change when you drag your mouse from left to right on the square. Then as if scandal has occurred, the images are slowly "Removed by request," presumably of the drunk naked girls pictured.

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