Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just stumbled upon this fancy line of cleaning products called Murchison-Hume, out of Australia (launched Dec. 2007). The brand is entirely focused on green-ness and natural ingredients -- a movement I am behind, but not obsessed with.
I am, however, obsessed with branding and labels and fonts and colors. Murchison-Hume sells 500ml (16.9oz) spray bottles, and accompanying refill bottles of 1 liter (33.8oz); I like that these encourage reuse, as well as buying more of their product (Hey, it's all about the business). I'm not able to tell whether the bottles are made of glass or plastic, but they look great either way, and they're undoubtedly recyclable.  The M-H website offers .pdf views of all the labels, a feature which won me over.  Pricing was my only issue with the company (and shipping from Australia surely wouldn't be cheap).

The products seem pretty impressive, with natural & chemical-free mixtures: The glass cleaner offers streak-free finish; the dishwashing liquid says it improves the condition of wastewater as it drains, leaving yr plumbing cleaner and odor free (with regular use); Boy's Bathroom cleaner touts strong cleaning power with "No need to open a window" ;and my favorite, Counter Intelligence food-safe surface spray is advertised as safe to use, "even on the dog!" There are two fragrances plus a fragrance free version (my usual preference) offered for every product - that's pretty nice.

Fonts: I see Georgia, and maybe Trebuchet, and I think the label is a stylized Shell (the top left hook from the H has been transplanted to the M).  I'm too lazy to figure out the other ones right now - although I've gotten really close with Garamond, or Adobe Garamond.

Something at the bottom of the page says Design by Geraldine Ward.  I'm not sure if that means the website, or the whole brand identity.  The website matches the bottle labels really well, so I wouldn't be surprised if she did do both.  (Neutra typeface on her site I believe.)