Friday, August 8, 2008

Onyx font on my Mac is crap

I was looking for the font Barbara Walters used on her latest book, Audition. I think I found it: Onyx. I was zooming in to look at the letter forms, and realized that the craftsmanship is messed up. Like, awful. I sometimes download free fonts, so I almost expect an amateur reproduction of a nice font to have some noticeable shortcuts. Onyx, however, came with my computer, and I am vastly disappointed.

Take a look for yourself at the rough edges / inconsistent finish on this typeface (I'm looking primarily at the ends of the letters):


UPDATE:  I saw a poster someone had printed at school using onyx, and I pointed out to my teacher the issues (which I was able to see upon close inspection).  I also looked on a copy of Audition, and they had fixed the problem there.  I'm sure you can buy nicer versions someplace.  When I have money I'll probably buy it and erase this *&&%!# version.

UPDATE x2: I found a new, better copy of Onyx. It's called Onyx MT, but I don't know what that means.


Anonymous said...

Every great blog starts with the phrase "I was looking for the font Barbara Walters used on her latest book"

semicolon said...

I love type. I love letterforms!

Those serifs are seriously messed up, and this little post gave me a hearty laugh.

MT means that it is from the Monotype Imaging type design firm. Sometimes you find that with fonts. ITC also puts their name at the end of a lot of fonts, I believe.

--eric [the happy planets]