Sunday, January 11, 2009

Benjy Ferree @ A Deeper Shade Of Soul

I've been on a major Blues + Soul kick lately - the older the recordings, the better. Re: these categories, it's rare for me to find a modern musician I like, let alone a white one. Well, I like what I've heard of current young guy, Benjy Ferree, but music is not what this blog is about.

The blog, A Deeper Shade Of Soul, had an entry about Ferree with a GIANT button to listen to a track from his album:

How could anyone not click on that? As it turns out, you have to click on a player, which appears when you roll over the button, but it still struck me as pretty brilliant. You're not paying for paper or ink or space.. why not try making the "Click to Play" button as large as the album art?

Speaking of the cover, I also really liked the cover. A solid portrait of Benjy, plus a good understated color on the overlaid title. The filled in B in Benjy bothers me, but His name definitely wouldn't be as readable without it. I would have found other soulutions though..

PS, the music is a combination of early Rock & Roll, Do-Wop, and electrified Blues (which I guess is immediately related to Rock). I recommend Benjy Ferree.