Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introduction of the iMac

Steve Jobs ca. 1998, wearing a goofy button down collar with no tie, yet buttoned to the neck. His pitch for the iMac is wonderfully written, Highlighting all the best aspects of the computer. This is apparently the first Apple product to use the now-iconic, oft-copied "i" prefix. Here's some of what Jobs suggests this "i" stands for/represents:

i = internet

got this via Catfish Vegas.

The intro (the following year) of the iBook. I notice that he likes the Punnett square tables (he calls it a matrix).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama article, and Design for Obama entry: "You had me at Gotham"

I try not to blog about things I find on other blogs, but I love this poster addressing Obama's "brand:"

The text, "You had me at Gotham" is a wonderfully clever line to express not only strong support of Obama, but also of all the designs (specifically font choice) that went into the campaign.

The article is on Stumper, some sort of blog on Newsweek's website,
and the poster can be found (in downloadable, PDF format) at the Design for Obama website.

via The Soul Creative.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ford Fusion on TV, Apple invades Pitchfork

Ford is coming out with a Hybrid version of its Fusion sedan for 2010. "We Speak Car" is the ad campaign's theme, emphasizing that Ford knows more than just trucks or vans. They've released 3 commercials (of which I'm aware), and they all have some great animated type swirling around. I know nothing about digital animation like this, but I enjoy the commercials:

and this one is my favorite, typographically:

I especially love when the car slides through the letters near the end of that last ad.

It reminds me of the Apple ads on Pitchfork -- I've been meaning to blog about that anyway. (I must have watched it at least a dozen times.) I loved that the ad interacted with the website!
This was on Pitchfork's home page to accompany the redesigned Pitchfork website. (The exact same animation was on

There was apparently one of these on Yahoo Games as well, but really -- who uses Yahoo anymore?


This was by far my favorite Super Bowl XLIII Commercial, advertising Jay Leno's new show: