Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ford Fusion on TV, Apple invades Pitchfork

Ford is coming out with a Hybrid version of its Fusion sedan for 2010. "We Speak Car" is the ad campaign's theme, emphasizing that Ford knows more than just trucks or vans. They've released 3 commercials (of which I'm aware), and they all have some great animated type swirling around. I know nothing about digital animation like this, but I enjoy the commercials:

and this one is my favorite, typographically:

I especially love when the car slides through the letters near the end of that last ad.

It reminds me of the Apple ads on Pitchfork -- I've been meaning to blog about that anyway. (I must have watched it at least a dozen times.) I loved that the ad interacted with the website!
This was on Pitchfork's home page to accompany the redesigned Pitchfork website. (The exact same animation was on ESPN.com.):

There was apparently one of these on Yahoo Games as well, but really -- who uses Yahoo anymore?


This was by far my favorite Super Bowl XLIII Commercial, advertising Jay Leno's new show:

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Untitled_Game_Group said...

Nintendo did something like that for a Wario game on the Wii.