Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jay-Z is awesome.

First of all, the new Jay-Z album, The Blueprint 3, is awesome. Way better than 2. In fact, it's 3x better.

Jay-Z for Rhapsody

My man Alex sent me this amazing commercial for Rhapsody music, in which Jay-Z recreates each of his album covers (minus the Greatest Hits and MTV Unplugged) in 60 seconds.

Compare Jay-Z's discography with the attached commercial. Alex pointed out that Blueprint 3 is the first studio album that hasn't had Jay-Z's face on the cover. Enjoy this beast of a video:

And now!
The Blueprint 3's cover (Higest-resolution on the net - you're welcome.):

There's tons of information online about this album cover:

-Jay-Z explains the symbolism.
-Interview with artist, Dan Tobin Smith.
-Fast-forward vid of production.

Jay-Z and his lady were at the free Grizzly Bear / Beach House / Vega concert, the last Brooklyn Pool Party of the summer. I was there (shout-out to Lauren K.) and I took photos for The Music Slut, who was responsible for Lauren's and my V.I.P. status at the show. I'm quite proud to be a part of one of the few reports that focused on the music, and not the celebrity guests in the crowd. Beach House was my personal highlight of the show.

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Anonymous said...

Jay-Z is a BUSTA and needs to stay retired!